Our story

My story

Have you ever heard the phrase ”Tough times never last, but tough people do” By the age of 35, I was unfortunately injured with two herniated disks in the neck.

I could barely walk and had to live with painkillers to get through the day for a long time. The doctor told me that an operation was needed and that I only had 70 % chance of getting better.

On the other hand, if I decided not to undergo the operation I would likely become paralysed on the right side of my body.

I was faced with a big decision and dilemma. I said no to the operation, cause I could not accept the odds.

My mind and body refused to surrender, so I decided to stop taking painkillers and started going to the gym. The gym made me feel better, gave me strength, motivation and self-confidence. I started feeling like myself again. Dropping the painkillers and going to the gym has been the best decision of my life. Nonetheless, it did not stop here. I wanted to push myself to the limit and start competing as a bodybuilder. I still remember the feeling of victory the day I stepped onto the stage. I had proved to myself that tough times never last, but tough people do.

Salah K Jewelry

When I started competing in Bodybuilding, I would have never believed that I would end up owning a jewelry brand. But that is exactly what happened. After achieving my goal of competing, I needed new challenges to keep me motivated and inspired. It had to be something I could identify myself with. The gym had saved my life, so I wanted to have something personal to tell my story, and then it came to me; What is more personal than a piece of jewelry?
Can a piece of jewelry really reflect the essence of who you are? I believe it can. A jewelry has the power to be that little thing that reflects your passion and makes you feel unique. That is how the idea of Salah K Jewelry came to life.
Everybody deserves to wear their passion. Every piece of jewelry tells a story. What is your story?